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What is affiliate marketing and how to earn !

        Affiliate Marketing

If it is easier to say in my language than that, by selling a product of another person or company, affiliate marketing should fetch a commission from that sold price ". Simply speaking, the affiliate program is promoted by any other company.
And affiliate marketing in Wikipedia is:
"Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts."
Although affiliate marketing is like our traditional marketing, there are plenty of opportunities to work and earn here.
What to do in affiliate marketing?
Yes, if you want affiliate marketing of a company, you have to get permission / permission before it. Permission means that if you need affiliate trucks to set up their trucks, how can you tell them that you are doing affiliation, so take permission, and if they get the permission, they will give you a specially made link so that anyone can click on the link and submit it as yourself.
Now you can promote your work, including the special link that is available to the public. The more sales you make, the more sales you earn, the more income you earn.
However, there are some types of affiliations in reality
Pay-Per-Sale (Only if Sale Will Get Money)
Pay-per-load (if the visitor does not sell or fill any form or do anything else)
Driving Visitors (Without Sales or Any Action Only Visitors will be able to visit, but corruption in this method is not so prevalent now)

There are also some sites that have the right to be good quality web site with good quality visitors for their affiliations, and for some products, there are blogs for normal WordPress or blogger, and there are some people who do not have any blog or web site for them, However, there should be good quality email marketing or a Facebook account or a Twitter account or Linkedin Group. So this task is very easy There is no reason to think. First of all, if you want to work with your blog or website, you will have to arrange a visitor there, that means you have to arrange your site publicity.
How to start affiliate marketing?
Yes, we have to be able to get success in any work. And in this affiliate marketing, you have to cut a lot in the initial stages, the first of the first big cast will be: "Cast will be but no income, but a little". And whoever can successfully pass this first cost, he will be the true successor of the affilate promotor. In fact, it comes out in line 98% of people but it is a failure. But those who are successful also do the same and earn them as well. This brother, I know, made about 1400000 rupees (fourteenth) money in one night. And there are some Bangladeshi brothers who have affiliate marketing of millions of dollars worth of things, whether on their list, from diamond jewelery to bank loans, car loans or a little online TV viewing program. So let's see how you can start affiliate marketing.
You must first choose the right affiliate marketing product for you. It is very important. If you come forward with a wrong product, success is far away. For example, if you are well versed with cameras or digital products, and you are able to write an article on this camera, then you can come forward with digital camera national product, or if you have a website on your education, then you can take the affiliation of online university, or if you are not aware of the medical line If you are a doctor or you can write health tips, then this is the topic You can go to work. The total will depend on you. There are some sites that sell products directly and have their affiliate program and there are some sites who do not sell themselves, but deal with vendors and affiliates, it needs to be kept in mind. E-Bay, they are involved in selling the products themselves The click bank does not sell anything at all. So find out the various affiliate marketing sites, you can also take ideas from the National Products Cell. For example, amazon, e-bay, click bank, commission junction or shareholding. But for our country, there is no reason to open account for some of the biggest affiliate marketing sites for Bangladesh. But if you have a known person abroad, then you have to take help from him, to open an account here.
Try sourcing Google. If Already has a site from you, find out if Google is selling any keyword on your site via affiliate marketing site. To sour, type "your keyword + affiliate program". Give your keyword the place of your keyword.
Find out on various online sites: Nowadays, all major online stores have affiliate marketing, such as eBay, Emazan, make a free account there. Although the commission rate here is very low, but if regular work, success will come. But here you will get a lot of benefits, for example, a visitor sent the visitor to EmaZone but he did not buy the mover, but bought a "Samsung Note 2" from Emazan the next day, and the interesting thing is that you buy this "Samsung Note 2" You've got a commission for him.
Now you decide whether to work with any of the platforms on the platform to achieve success. Yes, those who offer affiliate marketing opportunities, each have advertising systems. You can use banner ads, text links, etc. to your liking. And now your main job is to promote and spread it.

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