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The functions of buttons from F1 to F12

At the top of our computer keyboard there are 12 function keys with f1 f2 f3 such as f12. Each of these keys has different functions. So let's do one by one


F1: This button is used as a help key for any program or software, that means if you want to see the Help page for your active window, then press this button.

F2: It is used as a shortcut key to rename. You are selected
Simply press the button to rename the angle file or folder. You can open a new document in Microsoft Word by pressing Alt + Ctrl + F2. I used to use another one and this is the print preview of ward. Just press ctrl + f2 for it.

F3: Only by pressing F3, you can get either a search or a document in any program. Just press it right now and see a search box on the right side of your browser! Shift + f3 allows you to maximize the angle sound of Microsoft Word from upper case to lowercase or lowercase. And the first of the selected word
Press shift + f3 even if you want to keep the letter uppercase.

F4: This button allows you to repeat the last action performed in Microsoft Word. Alt + F4 activates all active programs. Pressing Ctrl + F4 will close all active windows.

F5: Find, replace, go to window in Microsoft Word by pressing this button. This page is used to refresh any pages. This button is used to start and stop slide shows in PowerPoint.

F6: Pressing the cursor to move the mouse cursor to the Internet browser's address bar
Look, try it now. Using Ctrl + Shift + F6, leaving the active document of the ward, you can use it.

F7: Writing spellings and grammar in Microsoft Word is fixed and Creating Creates of Mozilla Firefox. Shift + F7 by pressing any of the Microsoft Word
Dictionary of words, opposite word, word type, etc. were introduced.

F8: This key is useful when running the computer. Usually used to turn on Windows Safe Mood.

F9: It is useful to open the Measurement Toolbars of Quark 5.0 f10: By pressing it, select an Internet browser or an open window menu bar. By pressing Shift + F10, clicking on the right button, clicking on any selected text or link or image is done.

F11: You have to press the button to make an active window full screen and bring it to normal mode. See now.

Press F12: Open as a Save as window in Microsoft Word. Shift + F12 and save the Microsoft Word document. And Microsoft Word documents are printed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12. At present we use Avro, and in this Avro software, you can switch from Bangla to English only by pressing f12 on desktop computer to seal or change Bangla and English languages. And press FN + F12 on the laptop.

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