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World champion France breaks the dreams of Croatia

France became the world champion in the eventful and clever finals by scoring Croatia The French Revolution that began in 1998, in the last few years it was a lonely, gradual mire. But Antonio Grizman.Paul Pogba, the new generation of Kilian Mbpps, again showed France what the football revolution is so great. In the final of Moscow, they lifted 4-2 goals, the biggest surprise of the World Cup Croatia

France's coach Didier Desh entered the history by winning the World Cup. Footballer and coach as the only third person in the world, he made an incredible appearance of winning the World Cup in two roles.Croatia lost in the 19th minute of the match France goes ahead Antoine Greizman's free kick was cleansed by Mario Manzocich in his net. His goal was to knock out of the World Cup and England reached the final. But he gave the final to the team.Grizman's free kick was fantastic even when the suicide hit the ball. In the first 12 minutes, only once, the legs of the touched Grazman decided to move forward in France.In the World Cup finals, there was no previous instance of a suicide goal. Mario Manzokichi was the first unfortunate, who wrote his name in shame in the World Cup finals. After sending the ball in his net, Monzokich was burning in the fire of repentance, in the 28th minute of the match, sprinkled the water in Ivan Paricich. He made the game a great one by scoring Croatia.

Parrishch scored the goal in the penalty shot from Domagus. There was no answer to the great shot of his right foot, not knowing the French goalkeeper. Through this, Parsicich has been involved with 11 goals in a major tournament. Which is the highest among Croatian players.This period of fate has faded in 39 minutes of the match. When he gets in his D box and gets the penalty, France gets it. The French went ahead in the 39th minute of the match by the penalty of Grizmann.The penalty appeal was initially rejected by the referee. But after the help of VAR, the penalty was decided by the Argentine Referee.
The first half ended with a 2-1 lead in France. The scoreline was ahead but the first half was the dominance of Croatia. In the first half, their ball pause was 66 percent! Where France could not take a shot at the target, Croatia took six shots there! But unlucky for them, in the first half, Croatia is better behind playing football than in France.At the beginning of the second half, the extraordinary opportunity to get this opportunity is inter réibice. He also made a great shot from the left side of the goal. But more efficiently, the ball was saved by French goalkeeper Hugo Lauris. He saved the team in exchange for the corner.Laurie's Seyvei is more inspirational than inspiring France. Pole Pagba and Kylian Mbabpara found the fate of luck. In the 59 and 65 minutes of the match, they scored two goals and scored 4-1 goals.Crossing the huge gap in the 4-1 goal, Croatia are almost turbulent. Marion Manojokich scored a goal in the 69th minute and scored a goal. Croatia has so far gone far away from the match. Finally they could not reduce the distance.Before going to the final, there was a great achievement in front of French coach Didi Desh. That's the name of only two people They are Mario Jagallo and Franz Beacenbauer. Who won the World Cup as a player and also won the World Cup as a coach. When France won their first World Cup in 1998, Desam was its captain.Russia finished in the finals of the tournament in 1991 for the independence of Croatia, an example of great inspiration. Croatia, third in France, in 1998, is now France, as the opposition to the World Cup finals.Croatia were fantastic in the group stage. His victory against Nigerian in the first match was normal. However, in the next match, Argentina thrashed Argentina 3-0. Then, in the last match, another win against Iceland convinced that only 42 million people came to the World Cup to get the money.The World Cup has a great stir, but the end is not exactly sweet, but the Croatian In the match, ball pauses, goalkeep shots, and many other statistics keep going, but to finish their World Cup, the runners get the comfort of being up. France lost their 20-year World Cup win The new section of the French football revolution sa


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