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What type of thyroid disease or problem? Because of this, symptoms and treatment

What type of thyroid disease or problem? Because of this, symptoms and treatment

One of the major orbital glands in the body, endocrine gland, is the thyroid gland, which is usually located in the front of the throat. Normal adult thyroid gland is the main metabolic hormone builder Gland. The main hormones released from the thyroid glands are j3 and j4. One of the functions of thyroid hormone is to increase the production of carbohydrates and fennel foods in different cells of the body. The result of these actions is to increase the body's metabolic rate or BMM. An important function of thyroid hormone is the nervous maturation. For this, due to the shortage of thyroid hormone during pregnancy, the child of the womb is stupid and not intelligent. Various stimuli, such as youthfulness, pregnancy, aneurysms, etc. may be due to changes in the functional or functional function of thyroid glands.
Thyroid gland disease can be divided into roughly five categories:
A) Thyroid Glandal Excess Functionality or HyperthyroidismB) Lower function of thyroid glands or hypothyroidismC) Poultry diseaseD) Thyroid glanditis or thyroiditisE. Thyroid Gland Cancer
Hyperthyroidism causes
(A) Graves disease (a type of autoimmune process);(B) Multinidular gaetter;(C) Autonomally festooning thyitable thyroid nodule(D) Thyroiditis(E) Thyroid hormone supplements due to any other source except thyroid gland(F) TSH Indus(G) Thyroid cancer (mainly Falcular cancer).
A) The gator which spreads all the glands in the same way, the full form of the deaf, and the entire whole-shaped cavity, which can not be heard or heard from the stethoscope.
B) Depression problems:Weight loss after eating normal or increased eating habits, frequent diarrhea, eating disorders, nausea or vomiting.
C) Heart and pulmonary problems:Chest rash, heart rate rise, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, angina or chest pain.
D) Neural and muscle problems:Obesity or nervousness, tension, emotional tendencies, psychosis or psychotic depression; Hand tremors, muscle weakness and eyeballness, increase in reflex (test of one type of neurological disease).
E) Skin problems:Increasing sweat, itching, palate red, white, fingers clinging (the head of the fingers is like a drum stick), from the front part of the feet, the skin is thick or Noodyllar pink or nut-brown.
F) Problems of reproductive system:Colds or menstrual periods, infertility, loss of infant during pregnancy, decreasing sexuality.
G) Eye Problems:Exopthalmous, ie, optical exposure to the front of the head, lead retraction, lead lag or the eyelid goes behind, eyes are red, water fall, eye cranioscopy, decreasing sight, or seeing a thing two.
H) Other problems:Not able to withstand heat, fatigue, weakness, lymphadenopathy or lymph nodes grow, dislocated.
A) General Symptoms:1) Tiredness, sleeping;2) Increase weight;3) Can not tolerate cold;4) Decreased softness of the voice of the throat and heavy or raucous noise.5) Can reveal about pulp.
B) Heart and lung problems:1) Heartbeat decreases, high blood pressure, feeling chest pain or heart failure.2) Deposition of water in the skin of the heart or in the lungs.
C) Neural and muscle problems:1) Feeling pain or hard pressures in muscles;2) Neural and muscular-dependent reflex loss;3) Can be deaf;4) depression and the possibility of mental illness;5) Muscle tension decreases.
D) Skin or skin problems:1) becoming dry, dry and frog skin;2) Vitiligo is a type of white disease;3) There is a type of disease called mucidema in the skin.
E) Problems in reproduction:1) excess bleeding during menstrual period;2) The ability to become a child is lost3) Disability in breeding.
F) Problems with the Patient:1) The closure of the closet;2) Water can accumulate in the stomach.
Hypothyroidism will lead to child-rearing diseases or creptimony and emerging adults or adults with miscamia. Significant among the symptoms of cretinism is not proper growth of muscles and bone and nervous system. As a result, the child becomes inferior, fool or stupid. The tongue will grow up and come out of the mouth and the navel is hernia. The major causes of hypothyroidism are autoimmune destruction, medicine, TSH deficiency, mother's thyroid hormone deficiency during pregnancy etc.
Thyroid glandal inflammation
Among the inflammation of thyroiditis or thyroid glands, it is notable that autoimmune or hishimotus thyroiditis, sub acute or granulomatous thyroiditis, sub acute lymphocytic or painless thyroiditis. These inflammations are usually chronic and therefore the thyroid gladden increases and thyroid glands cells and bananas are destroyed. Hyper or Hypothyroidism is manifested in this.
GooseberryThyroid gland is one of the reasons for growing pelvic or thyme or gaor. This disease is usually due to iodine deficiency. It can be adjusted by a lot of normal single holes. The most important side-effects of this can be cancer from multitidal gaetter. Besides, if there is a loss, especially in girls, there may be a long-term prosperity or cosmetic problem. Although the trend of eating iodized salt in the world today is increasing

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