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What to do to stop urine?

What to do to stop urine?

Discomfort to urinating may be many. But if you feel pain while urinating, you may have a problem with the Dishwari. This problem is pain, irritation and discomfort during urine. This is not a disease, the symptoms of the disease. This is a very common problem for both men and women. But the problem of women is higher than men.

Urinary tract infection or UTI can be a cause of urinary trauma or irritation. And for men it may be due to various problems in the prostate gland. Apart from kidney stones, kidney infections, sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal infections, and pancreatics, these may also be due to pain or urinary problems.

If the problem is too much, then the doctor must go. However, there are some domestic methods that will help reduce the problem. Health website website Top Ten Home Remedi says these domestic methods

Increase the amount of water you drink
Increasing the quantity of drinking water will reduce the problem of pain or aggravation during urine. Water will remove the contaminated bacteria from the body. It will help urine to be fine. In addition to the urinary problems of urinary problems, the amount of liquid food should be increased. For example, soup, juice; Besides, Panjaty fruits and vegetables will be eaten.

Hot pressure
Can be hot pressed. This will reduce the pressure of bladder and reduce pain. You can use a heating pad for this or you can use it in a stomach to heat the cloth. Keep it five minutes in the abdomen Wait a while. Day again Do this so many times.

Healthy bacteria in yogurt It protects the balance of body pH. Eat two to three cups of yogurt every day to reduce the urine of urine.

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