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What is the water in the ear will not

What is the water in the ear will not

Who does not love bathing in swimming in river, pond or swimming? But in many cases there is a hazard there. Water drowned in the ear to give it a dive. Unconsciously the same thing can happen in Goselle even in the shower. Some time after somebody's ears, water comes out, and the glue on the ears of someone else comes out like blood. For a while, the pain of the ear stays hard. Dr. Salimullah Medical College Hospital Dr. Md. Abdul Hafiz Shafi, Nak-Kann-Nea Division advised.

In children with ear infections, young people are usually more affected with diseases. The problem may be due to lymph nodes growing in the mouth of the child's throat and diarrhea, due to problems in the throat and medial connection (sarthoniali), allergies, viral attack and mediastre pain. Lower air pressure is deposited in the middle blood from the blood vessel around it. In the current world developing countries, statistical analyzes have very high rates of water-borne diseases.

Liquid substance in the middle is one of the reasons for reducing the child's hearing. Language education is interrupted, intellectual and emotional development is hampered, school efficiency decreases, and changes in child use are also noticed. This problem is most commonly seen in children ages 4 to 5 years. Up to 95% of the infected baby is cured, but 5% lasts for more than one year. With age, the incidence of this disease decreases. However, due to the lack of proper treatment for the elderly, the disease can last forever.

Disease causes
* Cold-cough-nose and frequent respiratory infections.

* Frequent inflammation of allergic nose

* Chronic tonsill infection.

* Adenoid lymph glands growing up behind the nose in children.

* The problem of nasal bone or chronic sinocytes.

* Viral Infection

This disease is a sound stroke in the ear. Less heard in the ear. If the infection is more intense then the ear screen may leak out and the blood mixed water can be heard. A nose-necked doctor should be conscious of this before such complications. In such a case, doctors can treat anti-histamine, age-appropriate nasal, and then treat them with antibiotics. To reduce the pain, paracetamol can eat national medicines.

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