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The Prime Minister said 5 hours, we run 15 hours.........

Dhaka: At 5:30 am, the vehicle was stuck in the steering at 12:00 pm. Breakfast and lunch are all in the car. Sometimes Pushing down after driving cars. The traffic congestion, the hot, the chelapalla of the passenger does not have all the head.

Gazipur-Tongi from Sadarghat route, a bus driver of good morning special service bus. Russell said this day's busyness and routine work schedule.
Speaking to speak, Russell said. The bright sunshine of the fallen afternoon is all over the face of Russel. In the meantime, the pocket phone rang. On one of the days Gulistan-Bangshal's traffic congestion was talking about brake chapay.Conversation was understood to have been talking to the family. Saying, Rita will play at more than 12.
The car did not leave; Russell said, who kept us in the news. Driving from morning till midnight, spent most of the day in the car, did not run money.Only Sheikh Hasina said that she kept up to 5 hours a day. It should be applicable for everyone, though it is a distant ride.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed drivers and passengers to stop the road accidents, in any case, a driver should not run more than five hours of long distance. As well as training for the drivers and the rest should be arranged for rest.
On June 25, in a cabinet meeting in the Secretariat, he instructed the drivers and passengers to use the belt.The Prime Minister has given the responsibility of supervising the affairs of the Home Minister, Road Transport and Transport and the shipping minister.
Happy Morning by the Prime Minister's guidance (Dhaka Metro-11112516) driver Russell. Emphasizing the implementation of the Prime Minister's directive, she said, the owners will never want to be five hours. The city of Jama Masjid, which lives in Dhaka, lives in the street. Dangers in the street - more trouble, more time is accidents than driving.
Barguna resident Rasel has been in Dhaka for almost 10 years. They live in Badda, Dhaka. 30-year-old Russell's two children, the eldest son is in the third class. The little girl has not yet started going to school. In addition to the wife in the family are parents
Russell has to pay the cost of the family of six. On a daily basis, the income is about one thousand taka, thirty thousand in the month. If one day was dropped, they would have been tired as thirty thousand. Driving in the day agreement Russellera, one day left shortfall in income.There is no leave, no bonus; In this way, our life is in agreement, nobody has seen, 'Thank you to the Prime Minister.'


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