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The 7 may be delayed due to the surprise of the periods

The 7 may be delayed due to the surprise of the periods

Periods are not a common problem at the right time. If the polycystic ovaries, the period is usually not fixed on every month. But there are many other reasons.

All the girls were worried if the periods were not in time. Most of the girls come to the head of the first word - pregnancy. However, those who have problems in polycystic ovaries never have a period of exactly 28 days in accordance with the rules.

But there are also 7 other reasons why the period of delay in the period -

1) Periods may be delayed due to a sudden change in daily routine or schedule.

2) To travel somewhere far away, especially if the time zone changes, the body takes time to cope with it. This may be due to late.

3) If there is tremendous stress, it can affect all body systems. Because of this the period is delayed.

4) If the body is sick, it is affecting all body parts. There are also late periods for this.

5) Suddenly the weight may decrease or increase, but the periods may fall back.

6) If the amount of water is not sufficient enough or the amount of water in the body is very low, the periods do not occur very often.

7) Although severe depression is prevalent, it affects the periods. Not just going back, it could be a month skip.

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