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Thai teenagers will be released from the hospital on Thursday...TECHMBBS NEWS

Thai teenagers will be released from the hospital on Thursday...TECHMBBSnews

Six teenagers and their coaches rescued after the 17-day thieves of Thai Thailand's Luang Guha were trapped. So they will be released from the hospital on Thursday next Thursday.
The country's health minister Pisakol Saakolatyyadan, the news agency Reuters reported.
A video of teenage girls was shown on Saturday at a press conference. It has been found that they are sitting in the hospital bed. They are healthy and good. Rescuers have expressed gratitude to teenagers
A 14-year-old boy named Knut says, I have good health. Thanks for protecting me.
The 11-year-old teenager entered the cave on June 23 with the intention of having only one hour with the coach. But when the rains started, they were trapped in the hills.
Within 10 days of disappearance, the group found two British diver in the area of ​​four kilometers from the mouth of the cave.
The country's health minister said 12 teenagers and their co-workers are becoming physically and mentally fit. They will be released from the hospital on July 19.
He said that we are preparing the youth team and their families for the rift that will take place after they have left the hospital.
Due to the rainy season due to the rainy season, the water of the cave was increasing, it was not possible to get them out even after the juvenile group was found.
In the discussions on how to be exposed, the work started to bring out the boys after risking the heavy rain from the Meteorological Department.
Thousands of domestic and foreign divers took part in the rescue of the boys.
Among them, a former Thai Navy member died due to oxygen failure due to a diver returning oxygen cylinders to the teenage team.
The final drive to bring out the teenager has started since Sunday. Four days, four days later, four days and four other teens and their coaches were brought out safely.
Chiang Rai is undergoing treatment in a hospital.
Piusakal said, 13 people have good health. Some of them had pneumonia. But they are recovering.


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