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Take care of the boys' hair care

Generally women are seen to be more busy in Ruppancha. But boy or girl, there may be many problems on the skin. So it is important to take care of skin care men and women. Men's skin types are slightly different from women, and their hair should be taken extra care. Because men are more likely to suffer from hair problems or skin problems than women. For example, dandruff, hair fall, hair becoming rough, oily hair etc.

The onion juice has an abundance of new hair growth. So bake some onions, sprinkle it with juice and mix it with Amalki Rice. Now mix this juice with the palm of the head and massage it well. Put shampoo in this way.Eggs are the most useful ingredient in hair care, which work to prevent hair fall. So prepare this egg with a hairpiece - take 1 egg whites in a bowl and then take 1 table tea spoon honey-lemon juice-olive oil. Now mix all the ingredients well and make a pack. Keep this mixture very well and leave it for 25 minutes. Then shampoo with good quality shampoo. This pack will make your hair silky and effective for your hair nourishment.Is your hair quite rough? Then make the rug fasten to make ripe banana pack-pack, 1 tbsp banana, 1 tablespoon honey and lemon juice. Then combine the banana and mix the honey and lemon juice thoroughly and make the pack. Now add the banana mixture to the head thoroughly, so keep aside the mixture to boil. Take a shampoo after head smells.

Your hair fall headache? Use Mehdi's pack-like ammunition and Mehdi to make a paste, make sure to use liquid milk instead of water at the time of water. Now put this paste on the head well and keep it bell. If dry, shampoo, shampoo in go

To apply shiny and softenes on the hair, use a pack of methi - to make this pack, keep it on the right side of the fenugreek and paste it in the morning, paste the wet fenugreek paste in the morning. Now, mix this paste with a paste and mix it well and make a pack. Now wait for half-an-hour to pack this pack. Wash with a good quality shampoo after head smells.


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