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Suicide bombers killed in Pakistan in 128, NEWS TECHMBBS

Suicide bombers killed in Pakistan in 128, NEWS TECHMBBS

In the southwestern Pakistan, the number of people killed in the bomb blast in the newly formed Balochistan Awami Party increased by 128. More than 150 victims of this deadly attack in one of the country's history.
The explosion occurred in Mastung town near Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province. - AFP and Reuters.
The horrors of violence in the country have sparked panic in front of the national election scheduled on July 25. This is a third attack related to elections this week.
Among the dead, the party's candidate Shiraj Raisani is also in the upcoming election. Former Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Rice's younger brother Nawabzada Siraj Raisani was the chief of the Baluchistan Muttahida Mahajeer (TECHMBBS,news).
In the 1970s, the party was founded by Nawab Ghosh Boksh Raisani. Siraj's BMM joined the newly formed Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) in June this year.
Siraj was elected as an election candidate in PB-35 month-old constituency against his brother Nawab Aslam Risina in the upcoming election.
His teenage son Hakmal Raisani was killed in a car in a grenade attack in 2011. Siraj was in the car, but survived the attack intact.
But still he continued to do politics without risking his life threatening.
Authorities say that a political meeting was going on in a compound on Friday, where suicide bombers blew themselves in the crowd.
Senior police officer Qayyum Lashhari said more than a thousand people were present in the rally.
The Middle East-based militant Islamic State has accepted the responsibility of attacking me. But they did not give any details
Local journalist Ata Ullah said that people's remains, bloody scattered pieces of fragments spread around the compound.
Salam Baloch, a political activist, said he heard the sounds like hanging ears. After that, the flames of the fire and the washing were seen to rise.

Salam Baloch said that before the rescue workers came, the people took the dead bodies and injured to various hospitals including the rickshaw.
Emergency rescue workers escorted the casualties to ambulance. People in the darkness were seen crying in the darkness due to lack of electricity in the poor areas.
AFP reported that those who survived the attack were taken to the hospital around Mastung and Quetta. At this time a crowd of people mourned. The dead were covered with kaphan cloth.
Balwaist Home Minister Aga Umar Bangalee said the number of deaths increased to 128 people.
This is the most bloody explosion after a Taliban militant attack in a school in Peshawar in 2014. Most of the 150 people killed in the attack were children.
In the Bannu region near the Afghan border, a series of suicide attacks occurred hours after a bomb blast inside a motorcycle near a political showdown, four people were killed and 39 were injured.
Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for the bomb attack on Awami National Party (ANP) election rally in Peshawar town on Tuesday. Among the 22 people killed, the ANP's local politician Haroon Bilour was
Islamic State has a silent presence in Pakistan. In the past, they carried out brutal attacks there. Last year, 90 people were killed in an attack .
Analysts say that if Pakistanis can not handle the root cause of extremism, the country's militants will gain more attack.

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