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Some interesting facts about human body

Some interesting facts about human body

1. The amount of blood in a person is 13 percent of its total weight. That is, the amount of blood weighing 65 kg is 5 kg.

2. The amount of red blood cells supplied by oxygen to the body is 2500 million and they live 4 months.

3. The number of white blood cells in the immune system is 250 million and they only survive 12 

4. All the body of the body will be decorated as well as one and a half acres of land.

5. A human nervous system is so long that it can spray the earth seven times.

6. Any feeling through the nervous system flows in 200 miles per hour.

7. It takes 0.1 seconds to reach the brain in the body and mind.

8. At the time of birth of a baby there are 350 bones.

9. A person leaves 40 thousand liters of urine throughout life.

10. The amount of skin in a human body is 20 square feet.

11. One person has 10 million pomegranate on the skin.

12. It is possible to make 7 big varieties of cakes with the amount of fat in human body.

13. There are 650 muscles in human body. In some cases 200 muscles are active. There are more than 30 muscles in the face. When laughing, more than 15 muscles are active.

14. Turning from one place to the entire body, a red blood cell reaches 100,000 km, ie 2.5 times the world can cross.

15. Our brain can recognize and remember about 10,000 different flavors.
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