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Rituparna made the request to Obaidul Quader

The 'Mahamat' ceremony of 'Jam' was made on the Dhaka Club in Dhaka on Monday. Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader and State Minister Taran Halim attended the meeting. Rituparna Sen, popular heroine of Kolkata was also present at the event.

He said in his speech, 'I feel very lucky to come to this ceremony. He has all the pictures worked in many films with Manna Bhai. 'He said,' Since jam has problems in Bangladesh. And so it will be a time-friendly movie. '

Rituparna said, 'It is said that Bangla on Bangla but I do not want to judge Bengal separately. I myself, in Bengal, of whole of Bengal.

Pointing to Bangladesh Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader, he said, "We have been sharing our culture of the two countries for a long time. Besides, the path of coming to the artists of two Bengalis is not smooth. I hope the 'Jam' image will be easy for the journey of two Bengalis by removing the jam of the mind. On the way to the artists, I think the visa-passport should not be jam. And hopefully soon we can be free from this jam. '

It is to be noted that Rituparna came to Dhaka on 22nd of a Channel I dance program. As a guest on 23rd, he was invited to the ceremony as a guest

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