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Prime Minister: The source of our power is the people....TECHMBBSnews

The power of our power is the people My only wish is to improve the people of the country, the welfare of the people. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this at a function organized on the occasion of the 32nd founding anniversary of the Special Security Forces (SSF) in the Prime Minister's Office.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said my work is for the people. If we work for people, then we will become meaningless if we are separated from the people. This contact remains intact.The Prime Minister said to the SSF members, "I have no luxurious living or some demand as the head of the government." If we have intimate contact with the people we will talk about keeping a close watch. Of course, there must be professionalism, rules and regulations. Foreign VIP guests appreciate the professionalism of the SSF. That's why I'm proud.
I am a mother Referring to the SSF members I see as a child, the Prime Minister said, I want this responsibility to be there all the time. I believe that SSF will continue to improve with the leadership, proper direction and professionalism and sincerity of each member of this force.
He said, this time I have been serving three times. Naturally, we have seen the forces, concentration, professionalism and skill of this force very close. They are very devoted and skillful. I would like to be an ideal security force to become the force in future in terms of discipline, loyalty and professional standards.Director General of SSF Major General Md. Shafiqur Rahman


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