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Penalty controversy again against France.........

Do you remember the controversial penalties of Argentina vs France's last sixteen match? In the 13th minute of the match France got penalty against Argentine. Anthony Grisman took the French forward from the penalties. Not only that, the win and defeat of the match are also determined by one goal (4-3). At the beginning of the match, there was less controversy about the penalty awarded to France.

Argentine defender Marcus Rhao has prevented Kylian Mbabpak from running. Many later said that the penalty was not enough to give penalty to Rooh that barrier. The same debate came in the World Cup final. Today France has played against the World Cup final against Croatia. In the 38th minute of the match the Corner gets France Anthony Grisman took the corner kick jumping and jumped up to the theoretical of Croatia.But the ball could not prevent the percyal, the ball goes in his hand. The replay shows, this handball was unintentional. Unlawful handball usually does not give penalty to the referee. But the referee played penalty flute for France on behalf of Replay. Anthony Grisman scored the goal in the 2-1 goal by scoring the penalty.

France will not be criticized for this penalty against Croatia today!


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