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ODesk Tricks

Odesk Tricks

What is Odesk?

ODesk is a freelancing website. It is a medium of online income. Here you can get notifications of various jobs and you can make or do your desired work with a certain amount of charge. That is, ODesk is basically a media. Oddsk is a media website that provides information and credentials between casualists and workers.

What to do on Odesk?

ODesk is a freelancing marketplace where around 100,000 freelancers are working around the world. The site offers both types of work as "a certain amount of value" or "money per hour job" for each project. It is possible to earn more money than other freelancing sites working in this manner. You can compare the ODesk with a virtual office, where you can work from the Internet on a specific time. Reports can be reached by your employer after a specific time after scrutiny of what you are doing at that time. The price will be paid to you as long as you work. If you work extra time you will get the value of it. Charge of this site as commission is 10% of total value. After logging in to the site, click on the Find Jobs tab in your preferred Job category. On one project page there are several types of information about the project. You need to apply to the project if you want to work in the project. But before all things you must pass through the Readyiness Test. To apply for many projects, you must have a certificate of various tests. So, the more number of testers, the more opportunities to apply for the project will be created. If you selected Buyer, start the "ODesk Team" software on your computer and start working with login. But let us know more about Odesk.

Starting work on Odesk

First, click on this link for Odesk registration: sign-up link  www.odesk.com. Click on the "sign up" button below the "I NEED A JOB" button to enter the registration form. If you fill in the specified rooms of this registration form, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail id, click here to confirm your registration. Your ODesk account will be created. Second, click on the "Edit Profile" link in the right-hand corner. Provide all the information on the page that will arrive and upload your picture. Your profile will be complete. Add examples of past actions to your profile. That will attract the client to you. Take a test on the work that you want to do to complete 100%. Now your profile is completely created to start working

Points to abe noted

Since you are a new user of Odesk, so before you start professional work, you should check the different aspects and features of the website and understand every good thing. First of all see what work and see their description. It would be a good idea to hace what kind of work. Click find jobs in the upper left. On the left side of the page that eill be able to see different categories. Click the category that you eant to work with. All the work listings will be out on the right. Click the blue text titles in there. Then another page will come. This page is very important. 

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