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Nawaz Sharif, arrested at the airport returning to Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif, arrested at the airport returning to Pakistan

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been arrested at the airport after returning home from London after serving 10 years in office in the corruption case.

The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader and his daughter Mariam Nawaz were arrested after their Pakistani Prime Minister Dawood Ibrahim reportedly went to Lahore airport at 8:50 pm local time on Friday.

Officials of Pakistan National Accountability Bureau seized their passports, according to Dawn.

Last week a Pakistani court convicted Nawaz for 10 years and sentenced his daughter to seven years in prison for being convicted of corruption in ownership of four luxurious houses in London.

Nawaz was fined 10 million pounds and Miriam was fined 20 million pounds along with the verdict on July 6. Nawaz's family also ordered to junk all properties in London.

Nawaz and his daughter Mariam, who were staying in London for the last few months for the treatment of the sick wife, In their absence, the court announced the verdict.

Nawaz's family, who denied allegations of corruption, has said that this 'conspiracy' has been done by the army to prevent them from contesting on July 25.

Nayaz and Mariah left London on Friday after knowing that they could be arrested just at the beanband. During the stay in Dubai, he told reporters that he was ready for any situation. As a result, all the international media's focus was on Pakistan.

He will not be able to take part in the elections because the court declares three-time Prime Minister Nawaz in the politics for life.

The idea of ​​political analysts, however, is that he is returning home with risks to revive his party's current Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML) supporters.

In a public meeting in London on Wednesday, Nawaz said, "Once upon a time we often said that the state was in the state, now it is the state on state. Although I can see the prison in front of me, I am still going to Pakistan.

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