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Moral support in logical movements......

Dhaka: After talking about the vandalism of Farmgate, the passengers were going through the bus and were walking around the bus. A passenger was fluttering and said, It is good that they need to be hard hit, they have increased very much.

On the other hand, the passengers were abusing the protesters when the passengers were down. But now the citizens of the city are mildly accepting all the sufferings and giving moral support to the logical movement of the Khudis.
It is easy to imagine that if you look at the Facebook ID of Emdadul Hoque Badal, it is easy to accept that everyone is smiling.
He wrote, "Yesterday, after a three-and-a-half-year walk with a broken body, he walked for three full full days but returned home. The feet swirl dry, the body dry wood. Still did not feel the pain! I did not see the slogan of the tiny brown faces and the rigid steps of the road, I have been walking so many ways for so long!

'I've been sitting on the pavement ever since, I have walked shoes and socks on foot. Did not fear Because no bus was running on the road to crush me. I can not match - Some people think that there will be a solution for some people, some innocent people and a ugly smile.

Hundreds of such posts can be found in the social media system. Many of them have experience around There is a long way to go without getting the vehicles. Banglanews Senior Correspondent Mafizul Sadiq came to Bashundhara office on Monday (July 30th) from Agargaon on foot.

Walking on the long walk, the gaayamake gheme. Tiredness in the body came down, but rather than boredom, laughter was a bit shaky. He said, 'It was good to walk after a long time, body fat seems to have decreased. But at another time, the traffic police and the administration took the right one. '
 Many people have to go out of the street with their lives. There is no discipline in public transport. The way they are happy, they are happy, the way they are happy. We have become hostage to mass transport. The buses make the passenger on the other side of the road. Once again on the road to reaching the passenger causing frequent accidents.

Seeing the size of the buses, it is understood to see the color of its body. In the new bus, when the new bus is moving, the cavity gets faded in a few days. Many vehicles are wandering due to Tokatuki and Gutara.

The city dwellers see the bad competition of the bus. Therefore, in the movement against public transport, our suffering is smiling, nobody has any tiredness.


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