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Khaleda's medical treatment demanded 1101 doctors.........

Dhaka: 1101 doctors of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia demanded unconditional release and treatment of corruption in the corruption case. They expressed concern over not allowing Khaleda Zia to meet her family members.

In a statement on Sunday (July 15th), the doctors said that Khaleda Zia did not allow her family members to meet with her when she met her.In the statement, they said that in the news published by Khaleda Zia's family, various newspapers and media, we have a lot of anxiety and anxiety about the health of the country's 16 million people, including doctors. We know that he is now seriously ill, fever comes in every night, coughing and fever is not coming in control.
 Due to the horrors of Survival Spondylitis Disease, the left hand gradually became unsteady. Due to the problem of the waist, severe pain of left side and left leg of his body slowly turned down. He can not walk properly.Khaleda Zia was kept in a junky, damped prison house. The present government is pushing him to death without being subjected to full political purpose to remove him from politics.
They said, Khaleda Zia is a former prime minister and opposition leader. He is a senior citizen of the state. We are demanding the transfer of the medical society immediately for his unconditional release and treatment.The doctors signing the statement are - Professor Dr. Mobin Khan, Dr. Beyce Bhuiyan, Dr. Sirajuddin Ahmad, Dr. Abdul Mannan Mia, Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Dr. AZM Zahid Hossain, Dr. Farhad Halim Donor, Dr. Abdul Kuddus, Dr. Motiur Rahman Malla, Dr. ASM A Raihan


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