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It is important to know the unusual uses of lemon

Lemon is a fruit very familiar. But unlike other fruits, lemon juice is used to increase the taste of food. But the use of this multi-lime lemon is not only to increase the taste. All the more amazing uses have lemon. These unknown uses of lemon will work to solve various problems instantly. So know that some of the great uses of lemon.

1) The face is very oil? Oil is easily stuck in oil on the skin. This causes the skin to look dark and acne increases. Lemon to solve this problem Every night, take a lemon juice with a cotton ball and sleep by putting it on the skin. Wash with cold water in the morning. Additional oil problems will be eliminated.

2) In the rainy season the mosquito's infestation continues to increase due to water accumulation. But mosquitoes and insect infestation can be easily avoided. You only need lemons and cloves. Cut the lemon into two pieces and put it in the corners of the house. You will see that the mosquito infestation is just the end.

3) Another pain increases in rainy season, that is the smell of house dampness. There is nothing to worry about, even if you do not have air freshener in the house, you can keep the house in a fragrance. Spray the lemon juice with a spray bottle on the corner of the room. You can also use the mixture of cinnamon with cinnamon and also use the mixture as an air freshener.

4) Dowry problem has increased over the hair? Do one thing, add 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 table spoon honey, 1 table spoon olive oil and rub it on the head skin. Leave the shampoo for 30 minutes. Apart from dandruff, excess crushing will also be removed.

5) If the lack of calcium nails become very fragile and nails are easily broken. Lemon will also solve this problem. Mix olive oil and lemon juice to the nails. This will make the nails stronger and easily get rid of broken ones.

6) Cut off the fruits and vegetables of apple, potato etc., it becomes brown in a little while, which makes it look ugly. Do one thing, cut out the fruit or vegetables and keep the lemon juice tender. You'll see and not brown.

7) The color of the lip has become very black and the lip skin is thick? Do a very small job. Take a fresh lemon juice chip and massage the lips with a finger tip. Within a short time, the color of the lip will turn out to be pinkish.

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