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Funny to know all of the fun

Funny to know all of the fun

1) We also work hard to sleep. 6 hours sleep we lose our 11 ounce

2) If the black and navy blue clothes are bitten, mosquitoes bite more.

3) After coming out of the moon, the Blue Armstrong team had to fill the immigration form due to leaving the world.

4) It is not possible to understand the difference between apple potato and onion while holding the nose.

5) The difference between pet petals and wild cats is that the pet cat tail has been raised in the hills and bunora.

6) The bedroom of 1 year old bed and the pillow has 600 million dust mite insects.

7) The jhichi insects are calling where they do not seem to be there for a long time. Many of them make noise from the head of the tunnel by making a 2000-foot-tall tunnel under the ground.

8) Myopia or viscosity, ie those who do not see distant things, have a little more IQ, ie they are intelligent. So many people are attracted to glasses.

9) Snails can sleep for 3 consecutive years.

10) Tortoise can breathe in an emergency while in an emergency.

11) Only 29% of the world's people are married before without any sexual relationship.

12) Nonstick fringpan's black cover is the Teflon that was found as a byproduct when making atomic bombs.
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