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Five children, including four brothers and sisters, were killed in the hills........

Five children, including four children of the same family, were killed in Cox's Bazar city and the hill collapse in Ramu. The accident took place in the morning and early morning. Three people were injured in this incident.
Among the deceased, the residents of Bacha Mia Ghonah area said. Jamal Hossain's three daughters, Mohammadia Aktar (14), Kafia Akter (10) and Khairunnesa (6) and son Abdul Hai (10). The locals rescued 5 people and took them to the emergency department of Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital while the duty doctors declared four siblings dead.
On the other hand, a child of Morshed Alam (6), who was killed in a mountain collapse, died on Wednesday in Ramu's South Mithachari area.
The deceased's maternal uncle Khorshedul Alam said that the mother of those four children was working outside the house on Tuesday morning. Suddenly the hills surrounding the house collapsed on the house. Four children sleeping there fell under the ground. The surrounding people came forward in the scream of the mother. People were called by declaring the local mosque's mic.
Apon Hossain Manik, in-charge of the police box in the mortuary of two children dead in the hills, said that 3 people were buried in the hill while the hill collapsed on the house. Later, the injured were rushed to Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital and the doctors declared Morshed dead.
Assistant Meteorologist of Cox's Bazar Abdur Rahman said the city had 228 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours. Thus, if there is rain, there may be fear of more hills.

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