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Doing Heart Attacks While Being Single

Doing Heart Attacks While Being Single

In this age of advanced technology, many people died due to heart attack. Most of them die while living alone. Besides, many people died due to lack of proper treatment at the right time. But a little knowledge, proper treatment and awareness at the right time can save us from this danger.

Now many people have to stay alone for life's needs. So, while staying alone, do the heart attack -

Heart Attack Signs-
1.  Discomfort or pain in the chest.

2. Discomfort or pain in the upper body, especially in the hands, back and jaw or abdominal pain.

3. Stomach a little, suddenly sweat, nausea, head lighter or rotate.

For men, chest pain or discomfort is a major symptom of heart attack. But only 30 percent of women have chest pain. Often the symptoms of girls are neglected in such a way that many feel that normal body is feeling bad.

Doing Heart Attacks -
The heart is a heart attack when inadequate and irregular blood circulation. And patients can be unconscious within 10 seconds of a heart attack. But it can not be said beforehand whether you will be unconscious.

If the body experiences a heart attack or feels like a heart attack, then do not be worried at first. Then the situation will get worse. Try to save yourself in the middle of this time, after 10 seconds of losing knowledge.

If the heartbeat feels irregular, keep it fast, fast and cough fast. Keep ablaze in such a way that cough comes out with cough.

Tighten your chest every time before giving cough. In this way, keep repeating cough and long breath every two minutes. By doing this, your heart will start to transmit blood regularly. That is, you will not die on the spot; At least one person will be able to survive until he arrives.

Change your position on the couch. If you are standing, sit down and read while sitting.

These tips will help a patient save a patient before taking it to hospital. Because of the long breath, oxygen transport will be more in the body. The pressure that occurs in the chest caused by frequent and loud coughing, is prepared for blood circulation adequately and regularly.

Remember, long breaths and loud cough - these two things will give you the chance to protect yourself during a heart attack. So do not hesitate today to find out these tips to save yourself.

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