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Criminals 'kingdom of heaven' is a city in South Africa

Criminals 'kingdom of heaven' is a city in South Africa

South Africa's poverty-stricken city, Diipsul, where there is no rule of law.

South Africa's poverty-stricken city, Diopschlut But now the biggest problem in the city - insecurity - is the lack of insecurity. Especially every woman here has to stay constantly in the rape of fear.

Criminals are getting away with the crime. As a result, the situation here has such a situation that even many people are proud to introduce rapists.

How did the South African city become a sanctuary of terrorism?

Local corn seller Maria commented on how dangerous the city is located behind this country. He said that the night the city became hell.

Mrs. Maria said, "I know that many women have been victims of rape, I feel distressed and afraid, because who knows one day someone may be your victim, girls are safe only inside the house. Terrible torture goes on. "

However, Mrs Maria could not escape from her house. Three months before he was raped twice, by the same person. At that time her four-year-old daughter was in her house.

Mrs Maria said that the horror day.

"My daughter was asleep in the next house, suddenly the man entered my house and asked for money and money." I was poor, I had nothing at all, so she tortured me with the threat of killing me, I could not shout, she woke up. If that happens to him? "
There is a question about the role of police in preventing rape.

Local journalist Golden Matika here. He said how this city has become a kingdom of criminals?

"The criminals are so safe here, those who do not commit any crime, they are much better than them because they can do whatever they want in this city, they know they will not come out at night because of them."

Mr. Matika conducted a survey on oppression of women for his television documentary.

At least one-third of men in the city of Diepsl have admitted that they are involved in women rape.

Among them were two people who feel free to introduce themselves as rapists in front of the cameras. In that video, they described their own misdeeds.

"When I opened the door of a house, I would go inside and knock the knife and rape women."

Asked about how this torture can affect the woman, the person said,

In the last five years, five cases of rape have been filed with the police but only one has been tried.

The locals themselves have made their own rules because of the back of the wall in this society which is uninterrupted.

So, a terrible example is the people of the city's coastal areas. That

It is alleged that the highest crime was organized at the end of the city.

A few months ago, local protesting crowds were beaten and burned by some suspected criminals on the banks of this river.

Mr. Matica holds that scene in his camera. What happened that day? Mr Martika said

"On that day, the rioters brought the three suspected rapists and they were involved in various other crimes, the people beat them up, one of them burnt the petrol and set it on fire, a police team came to stop the riots but they were few in number. For more than the police, they are almost half of the suspects. "

The word diapslut means "deep down". And the people here compare their life with the dirt of the garbage, where there is no value for their safety. Where they were thrown like garbage

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