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I started giving my greetings to everyone on the Internet at my 3rd post on income. Many of us are working on Google Adsense- we earn dollars. Many people are working in Google's hobby. But due to the policies and policies of Google, many do not raise their foot in that direction. Actually Google's laws are not like the laws of our country. If someone from our country called Mama, he might sue you. But Google mummies are very ruthless. Do not listen to any of your words. If there is anything more, your account will be blocked. However, I will introduce a site with you today. Where to submit your own advertising / product on this site. And if you like your ad, then he can order your ad for $ 5. The order will be deposited for $ 5 USD for each product in your account on this site. The products that are purchased on this site are worth $ 5 each. Many people say this site is a $ 5 site. But many would be stupid if it seems to be a PTC site again. And yes these ads are called Gig on this site. So the buyer will call Gig here. Basically, many people who work on this site - can get the taste of working on Google Adsense. (Although it's not good to compare someone with Google, but those who do not know the work, it's a problem to catch it as a dream !!). However, this site is a very popular worldwide site and a lot of users are regularly adding. This site is named - 5err.com. The traffic of this site is much more than the visitor. About 25,000-60,000 visitors visit this site every day. So if the luck is good then you can catch the visitors at your fingertips. Someone in your gig might have a taste. It does not matter to get 3/4 orders per day on this site. It is about eight months since I am personally involved in this website. Do not visit here every two or three times a month. The day we visit this site, we get around 2/3 orders. Here's my earnings of about $ 35. It is worth mentioning here that as per USD Dollar, every Gig will cost around Tk 80 in Bangladeshi money. If you sell 3 gigs per day, you will get around Tk. 240 Then calculate how much will be in the month. Now people who are interested in working on this site, click on this link - the following interface will come.

That way: 

1. First visit  http://fiverr.com/  on this site. To create an account, please click here to sign up for registration. Create an account with user name, email address and password. Check your mail as a videographed. Then enter your http://fiverr.com/ site with the user name and password.

2. Here you must understand what type of gig you post. There is no reason to worry. Because there are many departments including Vedio, Writing, Business, Technology, Travel, etc., in many departments. In any of these categories, you can upload as many Gig as you like every day. But do not think that it is not the case that more orders are available than the Gig.

3. Here is the condition that I still do not receive any order from 1st gig. But GG 10 is still the middle order. In fact, the matter depends on the type of gig created by you, your own personalities, and your product needs.

 4. Simply put, Gig's success depends on your needs and the creativity of writing. It should always be remembered that the same type of writing or the same type can not always be designed. Never again gig others can be duplicated. 

5. Now if you see that you are not getting any order. Then we need to change the topic of Gig, bring innovation in the writing, add financially. InshaAllah will be successful once. This is not the reason to worry about initially, but there is no reason to worry. Have to work a little patience. 

6. The fiverr.com site charges $ 4 by cutting $ 1 service charge. The registration rules of this site are not as hard as other sites. 

7. After giving Gig, give a description of your gig to the buyer. Give some keywords about keyword gig. For example, I gave my first example for WordPress, Tutorials, E-Book, CMS, Learn, Easy. Then specify how many days you can finish the job. If you want to sell any of your products here, then there are options for shipping. Finally upload one or more images (e-book pictures) of your product. Then OK. 

8. Almost all types of gigas are on this site. Tutorial-based gig is sold at the top of it. After that, programming, fun, technology, postcards etc. 

9. If you have a tutorial based e-book here, you can download it from Google or any other free ebook site. However, you need to ensure the quality of your product. And you have to submit the work within your scheduled time or ask the buyer for the time to know about your problem. Otherwise, you can not order or cancel the buyer order or you can give a bad rating. 

10. All talks with Bayer must be done at the site's mail box. The job must be handed out on the site after the end of your work. No order can be sent to Buyer's e-mail account. Here again, you have the advantage of working with a similar account as a buyer. You can order gig for any of your work by depositing some money on this site. 

11. If you like, you can share your gigs on Facebook, tweiter, Google+. You can then advertise these gigs on your website using widegate of that site. This will increase your income a step further. 

How to get the payment? 

1. Now let's know how to raise money. With the receipt of the order, the money / money paid by the buyer full. So submitting work on time will not get money. 

2. Basically, the buyer receives your work within 3 days of submitting the job and will give you the rating. And the money to accept the job will be credited to your account and your money will be cleared on or before 12 days. 

3. You can withdraw money from this site with your Paypal Account. The only way to get money on this site (PayPal account) is that many people are reluctant to fear working to do this site. In our country, PayPal's activities have not started in our country. However, if there is any acquaintance abroad, money can be brought to the paypal through them. Besides, many people operate as PayPal accounts through PayPal account Open and Verifier. Of course, creating and using PayPal accounts is a risk and problem. If there is a time, then hope to post a post about creating a PayPal account. However, in our country, the elitePay has already begun Payza activities.

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