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Cancer will remove diarrhea, diabetes and many other physical problems

Cancer will remove diarrhea, diabetes and many other physical problems

Better mellen, whose name is blackened, is a vegetable that can remove cough, diabetes and many other serious physical problems. Although the bitter taste of the person does not roach, but only the taste of health is completely forgotten.

Dr. Frank Sullenberger, MD of the Nevada Center of Alternatives and Anti-Axis Medicine, found that the curator has the prevention of cancer cell growth. And he advised his patients to eat these natural cancer cure vegetables to prevent cancer cell growth.

In his new study, he found that only 5% of the juice of the palm juice was mixed, which proved that it worked against pancreatic cancer. About 90% of diarrhea - has the ability to destroy cancer cells up to 98%. A study of The University of Colorado shows that diarrhea is less able to reduce pancreatic tumor by about 64%.

Dr. Schalenberger also found in his studies that the problem of high blood pressure, asthma, skin infections, diabetes and stomach problems can only be prevented, this is a vegetable 'kelala' Potassium, betaquarine, magnesium, manganese, high diarrhea fiber, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C, Folate, zinc and phosphorus have very low calorie intake.

There are 7 more physical problems by eliminating diarrhea
1) Tested proven that the level of cremation stemina and energy levels increase.

2) Pregnant women play regular kebas protecting children from neutral tube defect.

3) Different nutrients of kebabs help reduce blood sugar levels and keep type 2 diabetes under control.

4) Regular drinking of kerala juice increases the immunity of the body and avoids various types of infections.

5) Do not add to the problem of digestion and constipation problems.

6) Kidar juice is helpful in cleansing the liver and keeping the liver toxin free. It also improves blood circulation levels.

7) Regular use of cardamom juice improves the condition of psoriasis and releases fungal-related problems.

How can I eat it?
After purchasing good curd from the market, clean it with a soft brush and clean it with cold water.

1) You can eat any meat with yogurt or roasted with other vegetables.

2) Preparation of dried powders of cinnamon and mixing with milk and milk can also be mixed.

3) Cooking can be cooked and eaten.

4) You can drink juice by making juice of pomegranate juice only.

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