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All 13 people detained in the Thai cave came out

The rescue operation in the mouth of the luge cave

A group of 13 people stuck in a cave in Thailand have been rescued.

Eight people were rescued on Sunday and Monday, and today the rest have taken out the rest of the survivors.

On June 23th, 12 people and their football coach were trapped in Tham Luang in Chiang Rai province.

The Thai Navy Seal Team - who conducted the rescue operation - said in a statement. 12 teenagers and their football coach have been brought out, an extraordinary rescue operation has been completed - on which the whole world was focused.

In a post on Facebook, The Seal says "12 people of wild boar" and their coaches are now out of the cave, all are well. "

As of the last two days, all of the survivors were taken to the hospital by helicopter.

A doctor and three divers of Navy were staying in the cave with them. They were inside the cave until the survivors were rescued.

Meanwhile, they also came out of the cave and the campaign was completed.

How is the rescue team being trapped?
The way the seizure is being rescued in the Thai cave

Concerns about the security of those trapped inside the cave were increasing due to heavy rains starting on Sunday night. After heavy rain, the decision to run the rescue operation on Sunday was expected to increase the height of the water in the cave.

It was an international operation - so many rescue and experts from many countries including Britain and Australia took part.

The skilled divers brought the teenagers trapped in the tunnel tunnel through the water and brought them to the cave entrance.

Every teenager has to wear a covered oxygen mask on the face. Two divers in front and back were guides as guides. They also carry their air cylinders.

It took almost eleven hours for the most experienced diver to return to the cave where the boys were trapped, and from there to the cave again.

How to be trapped in the Thai cave trapped

It has to walk a little bit, the other way is to walk through the water and walk through the dive swim.

There are many ups and downs in the cave, many places are dug in the water. The submerged part is about a mile long.

There is no way to cross a lot of diving swimming. And this whole journey is in the whirlwind darkness.

After being rescued from the cave, one is being taken

The most difficult part is in the middle of the middle. It is described as a T-junction.

This place is so narrow that the divers have to open their air tank.

Then it was like a camp in the cave for an instant stop. From there, they have to walk the rest of the path and come to their cave.

After coming out, they were taken directly to the hospital

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