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A man is married Or unmarried

A man is married Or unmarried

Remember the Tha ...
A man is married
Or unmarried when he is
Extra sperm erosion,
When the body is released from the semen, it disappears manhood.
Two sides of the penis in the beginning
There is a seminal pouch. In this bag
When the semen is completely filled
The body and mind are healthy when it is wet and there is a dense semen
Remains. Feel the joy and sparks
Remains. I feel very crazy about it.
Then the pecker is frequent
Strongly agitated and long-lasting
Remains. All body and mind
Have a lot of passion.
Surah Tariq of the Holy Qur'an
It has been said - the sperm of women comes from their chest, and men are
The sperm comes to their backs and backs
To be So extra sperm of men
If the corrosion is weak, the spine is weak
And the waist and back pain. Clean
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