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22july2018 For the second time bangladesh, Argentine super star leonel messi.

For the second time bangladesh, Argentine super star leonel messi.

For the second time, Arjenantine super star leonel messi, as the wishes of UNICEF, coming to Dhaka in the month of Shise, this uncertainty about the barsa flower, benefits or children working with Rohingya children. That is why Messi is preparing to give the highest security to the sankilist. 7 years ago, he came to Bangladesh to play friendly match against Nigerian Nigeria in the friendly match of 2011 at the Bangabandhu National Stadium. This is the football premiere. Bangladesh can get the chance to see that giganti However, for no more than a game, Rohingya will come to see. But it will not be right where he is. For her, the government of Bangladesh has taken the necessary security.
  1. According to UNICEF Ambassador, on 22 July this year, for the inspection of the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Lioneli Messi is hoping to be in Bangladesh. An uncertainty about whether the Argentine Superstar will work with under-privileged children, or to work with Rohingya children in Bangladesh.

  1.  Earlier, this superstar of Barcelona came to Bangladesh to play friendly matches. Bangabandhu National Stadium on 6 September 2011 witnessed Argentina's friendly match against Nigeria. The football fans of the country enjoyed LM Ten's football style at home.
  1. But this time there is no friendly match, come to private tour. He will come to see UNICEF's well-known organization's activities. When Messi comes naturally to the children,
  1. Rohingya is a big issue in the present context. So UNICEF wishes to take Rohingya children to Lionel Messi. Myanmar-Bangladesh may also have a friendly match on this occasion. Some other footballers can come with Messi. But no decision has been made about whether it will be done in Dhaka or Cox's Bazar.
  1. Priyanka Chopra has turned Cox's Bazar as UNICEF's ambassador a few days ago. From that experience, the highest level security for Lionel Messi has been sought.

Although UNICEF officials are unwilling to open the door to Messi's tour right now. Although everything went smoothly in the strict secrecy, Unicef ​​spokesman Alistair Lawson recently denied this to Jamuna TV.

This star is not just playing on the soil of Bengal, but also with the red green country about the World Cup. Messi's Facebook page, which shares a few days ago, was about the madness of the audience of this country with Argentina.
Messi is expected to arrive in Bangladesh on 22 July.

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